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Lift & Firm Ampoule

Experalta Platinum - Lift & Firm Ampoule

, 30 ml / 1.06 fl oz   Series: Experalta Platinum
Item number 416107
Cosmetic product / The visible lifting effect is achieved within one hour.
600 ฿
15 pts.
Volume: 30 ml / 1.06 fl oz
Best before: 20.11.2024
Remain: 92 pcs.
Instant lifting! Visible effect in 1 hour.
This intensive serum works systematically to rejuvenate the skin's microstructure and restore the collagen matrix. Provides a noticeable lifting effect for your facial contours, by reducing overall bloating and reducing or preventing the appearance of a second chin. Helps eliminate puffiness. Skin is naturally radiant and fresh.
Improving skin day by day
LIFTONIN® – XPRESS (RAHN, Switzerland)
A safe and biocompatible microalgae component:
LIFTONIN® (RAHN, Швейцария)
Сочетает вяжущую дубильную кислоту из дубовых галлов (чернильных орешков) и экстракт проса (Panicum miliaceum), богатый биодоступными растительными производными кремния.
Натуральные экстракты
Экстракты трутовика лакированного, красных водорослей и кокколобы ягодоносной образуют мощную комбинацию компонентов с anti-age эффектом.
Коллоидная платина
Увеличивает синтез коллагена и повышает эластичность кожи.
What is this useful for?
  • Instant face lift effect.
  • Quick and visible reduction of wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Correction of facial contours, a reduced double chin.
  • Reduction of the depth of nasolabial furrows.
  • Reduction of mimic and gravitational wrinkles.

    Each ampoule contains:
    3 botanical extracts
    Extracts of red algae, reishi mushroom and sea grape form a powerful combination of ingredients with anti-aging effects.
    Recommended use:

    In the morning and/or evening apply a few drops of ampoule onto the clean face and neck with light motions along the massage lines. Wait a little. Do not rinse off. When the product is absorbed, apply your favorite face cream.

    Use as a course:

    1st week: In the morning and evening – Skin Renewal Ampoule.

    2nd week: In the morning and evening – Hydra+ Ampoule.

    3rd week: In the morning and evening – Lift & Firm Ampoule.

    1-2 times a week: In the morning and evening (onto face, neck and décolleté) – Bakuchiol Ampoule.

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