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Ice Touch Instant Lift Mask

Experalta Platinum - Ice Touch Instant Lift Mask

, 50 ml   Series: Experalta Platinum
Item number 418449
Cosmetic product / Cooling face mask.. It instantly energizes and tightens the skin, eliminates signs of fatigue and removes puffiness.
880 ฿
22 pts.
Volume: 50 ml
Best before: 24.02.2025
Remain: 97 pcs.
No more signs of fatigue and stress! Beautiful skin day by day
Negative emotions and overexertion affect not only the nervous system, but also the beauty of the face: The skin loses its former radiance and energy. She needs an SOS remedy! A cooling mask transforms and tightens the skin in 10 minutes, leaving it refreshed. Immediately relieves puffiness and produces a lifting effect. An advanced formula that works specifically against the signs of aging.
Skin is more fresh and full of energy
Skin awakening, improved complexion
The advanced formula of the mask with a mild cooling invigorating effect improves microcirculation, has a lymphatic drainage effect, helps reduce swelling, strengthens the capillary wall and reduces the appearance of couperose.
An energy boost for the skin
HerbaGlow® NRG energy complex and bioavailable forms of magnesium and zinc replenish cells' energy reserves and strengthen local immunity, making the skin less sensitive to external and internal damaging factors.
Elasticity and density
The world's first plant-derived peptides extracted from Siberian cedar and incorporated into the PhytoCodine® matrix of Siberian ginseng extract reduce the visible signs of aging. Algae complex, macadamia and sesame oils nourish, stimulate regeneration, improve skin elasticity and smooth it.
The mask works when we want to:
  • Quickly refresh the face;
  • Get a lifting effect;
  • Get rid of the consequences of sleep deprivation;
  • Reduce puffiness;
  • Improve skin texture;
  • Increase skin firmness;
  • Reduce the appearance of couperose.
  • 96%
    More shine
    According to the results of the satisfaction surveys of 21 volunteers during the testing of the active ingredients of the series.
    A smoother complexion
    According to the results of the satisfaction surveys of 21 volunteers during the testing of the active ingredients of the series.
    Recommended use:
    Apply onto cleansed face and neck. Leave for ten minutes. Rinse off with plenty of water. Use 2–3 times a week or as needed.
    Life hacks
    Use the mask as liquid under-eye patches – it's great for relieving puffiness and smoothing out skin, erasing traces of fatigue. After Ice Touch Instant Lift Mask, use serum concentrate or hydrater of the Experalta Platinum series.
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