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Exfoliating and Brightening Facial Lotion

Experalta Platinum - Exfoliating and Brightening Facial Lotion

, 200 ml   Series: Experalta Platinum
Item number 414339
Cosmetic product / Peel lotion, helps to remove dead cells and impurities to reveal radiant, youthful skin.
640 ฿
16 pts.
Volume: 200 ml
Best before: 25.02.2025
Remain: 100+ pcs.
Home care – professional result!
More radiant, smoother skin in just a few minutes A delicate exfoliation based on lactic, glycolic, tartaric, salicylic and gluconic acids provides a comprehensive solution to the problem of ageing skin, targeting wrinkles, pigment spots, post-acne marks, hyperkeratosis, flaking, enlarged pores, oily shine, inflammation and dull complexion. • Dissolves dead skin cells, gently exfoliates and renews the skin. • Restores the skin's protective functions and its ability to replenish moisture. • Improves skin firmness and elasticity. • Provides antioxidant defense. • Regulates sebum activity, has an anti-inflammatory effect and cleanses pores. • Stimulates regeneration.
Fill your skin with radiance!
A complex of natural acids effectively and gently exfoliates dead skin cells, increases skin elasticity, brightens the skin and improves the complexion.
Natural protection against inflammation
Bisabolol and allantoin soothe, relieve irritation and stimulate cell regeneration.
Botanical extracts
Extracts of Reishi mushroom and schisandra prevent premature skin ageing and have an antioxidant effect.
Essential oils
Essential oils of juniper berry, patchouli and ylang-ylang promote regeneration and renewal, have a positive effect on oily, problematic skin and rejuvenate. Cypress essential oil has regenerating, anti-inflammatory, sebo-regulating effects.
Perfect for those who wish to:
  • Even out skin tone and texture;
  • Prevent/reduce the appearance of pigment spots;
  • Reduce excessive oiliness of the skin, get rid of shine;
  • Get rid of blackheads and skin flaking;
  • Reduce skin rashes;
  • Improve complexion and restore the skin's radiance;
  • Increase skin turgor and make wrinkles less visible.
  • 5
    organic acids
    For effective yet gentle skin renewal
    essential oils
    The complex has a rejuvenating effect and also improves the condition of oily skin.
    Recommended use:

    Apply the lotion to a cotton pad, then gently wipe your face with the pad. Leave the lotion on for 10–15 minutes, then rinse off with warm water. Use in the evening, 1-2 times a week.
    Can be used independently or in combination with a mild scrub/exfoliant.
    NOTE! A slight tingling sensation may occur, which indicates the action of the product. This sensation will diminish with continued use as the skin's pH level is restored.

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