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Cosmetic Dropper

Experalta Platinum - Cosmetic Dropper

, 1 piece   Series: Experalta Platinum
Item number 107557
Dropper for Ampoule / Less waste and used materials from each package of Experalta Platinum cosmetic concentrates.
55 ฿
0 pts.
Quantity: 1 piece
Remain: 100+ pcs.
Do you take care of your beauty? The cosmetic dropper is your new beauty assistant
Choose Experalta Platinum ampoules according to your skin needs, add a cosmetic dropper to your order – enjoy unparalleled care and real savings! The reusable dropper fits all Siberian Wellness concentrates and can also be used with other cosmetic products.
Reusable dropper – eco-friendly solution
By purchasing a reusable cosmetic dropper, you make a real contribution to the future of our planet. Eco-advantages of the dropper: – Minimizing the amount of Experalta Platinum ampoules packages. – The dropper can be recycled after use.
For whom?
  • For those who care about nature and the planet.
  • For those who consciously opt for sustainability.
  • For those who opts for eco-friendly solutions.
  • Recommendations for use:

    Before the first use or when changing cosmetic products, wash the dropper with soap and water. Rinse thoroughly with warm water and leave to dry completely.

    Do not clean with abrasive cleaners. Avoid rapid temperature change.

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