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Whitening Face Mask

Siberian Wellness - Whitening Face Mask

, 50 ml   Series: Siberian Wellness
Item number 415753
Cosmetic product / The night mask with a brightening effect helps reduce the intensity of dark spots and even out skin tone and texture.
340 ฿
8.5 pts.
Volume: 50 ml
Best before: 24.07.2025
Remain: 71 pcs.
About product

Upon regular use, this night mask with niacinamide and alpha-arbutin prevents excess melanin production (dark skin pigment), promotes lighter skin tone, reduces intensity of pigment spots, and overall evens out skin tone and texture. Activates collagen synthesis, keeps skin hydrated, and improves its resilience and elasticity.

  • Nicotinamide is an extra purified Vitamin B3, an active ingredient of a new generation of cosmetics, responsible for skin cell renewal. Helps get rid of age-related pigments, freckles and post-acne marks, evens out skin complexion and tone, and improves skin elasticity.
  • Alpha-arbutin effectively suppresses melanin production, helps reduce freckles and pigment spots caused by age, hormonal imbalance, or prolonged exposure to the sun. Increases skin immunity and provides antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects.
  • Allantoin is an effective antioxidant, moisturizes and soothes skin, removes dead skin cells, and stimulates cell regeneration for damaged or irritated skin.
  • ENDEMIX botanical complex reduces collagen damage occurred upon sunlight exposure.


* Clinically proven.

Recommended use

In the evening, apply a thin layer of the mask onto clean skin and leave for 30 minutes. Remove any excess with a dry cloth. Do not rinse off.

For a more intensive treatment, use the mask every evening (for 30 days).

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