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Siberian Propolis Extra rich botanical toothpaste Natural Oral Care

Toothpastes - Siberian Propolis Extra rich botanical toothpaste Natural Oral Care

, 100 ml  
Item number 411376
Toothpaste / Natural preventive toothpaste is developed taking into account the most stringent requirements of environmental safety and naturalness
128 ฿
3.2 pts.
Volume: 100 ml
Best before: 10.10.2024
Remain: 4 pcs.
Your smile is a nature's gift! Natural protection with Siberian propolis
Entrust the health of your teeth and gums to the natural formula of Siberian propolis toothpaste Bee propolis in combination with extracts of Siberian endemics gently and effectively cleans tooth enamel, preventing cavities, perfectly freshens breath, and strengthens the gums. Comprehensive daily oral care! Fluoride-free. Does not contain sodium lauryl sulfate, coarse abrasive ingredients, or synthetic colorants. Parabene-free.
Natural care day by day!
Gum care
The toothpaste seduces gum bleeding and swelling, and heals mouth mucosa.
Long-lasting fresh breath
Extracts of endemic Siberian plants and essential oils help cope with an unpleasant odor and effectively freshen the breath.
Cleaning and protection against cavities
Siberian bergenia and sage extracts facilitate caries prevention and efficiently clean teeth enamel.
Natural toothpastes by Siberian Wellness is designed for those who:
  • Look for natural oral care;
  • Experience gum problems;
  • Observe bleeding gums or signs of inflammation;
  • Want to prevent cavities;
  • Take care of the freshness of their breath.
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    botanical extracts
    Comprehensive care for your oral health.
    propolis extract
    Natural oral cavity protection.
    Recommended use:

    Brush your teeth and surrounding gum tissue at least twice a day. Children should brush their teeth with a pea-sized amount of toothpaste, with adults present. Even more effective with the Fresh Breath Mouthwash.

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