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Luxurious Face Renewal Micellar Water

Experalta Platinum - Luxurious Face Renewal Micellar Water

, 200 ml   Series: Experalta Platinum
Item number 418441
Cosmetic product / Micellar water. Cleanses makeup and daily dirt.
800 ฿
20 pts.
Volume: 200 ml
Best before: 24.02.2025
Remain: 100+ pcs.
Skin cleansing and detoxification With protection against the urban environment
Every day, facial skin experiences a lot of stress: The adverse effects of the urban environment and makeup leave their mark. Your skin needs protection! Micellar water by Experalta Platinum is an express product for effective cleansing and detoxification, which gently cares and regenerates the skin, keeping it healthy, youthful and refreshed.
A new level of skin cleansing
Effective cleansing and comfort
Micelles from natural phospholipids magnetically attract liposoluble ingredients of decorative cosmetics and environmental impurities. Allantoin soothes, relieves irritation and a feeling of tightness, lactic acid and aloe (BioDTox©) provide deep skin hydration.
Detox and healthy skin radiance
BioDTox© bioactive complex of three natural extracts (aloe, citrus and broccoli) captures pollutant particles (exhaust fumes, city dust, heavy metal particles) on the skin surface, preventing them from penetrating and removing them easily. Normalizes the production of sebum. Smoothes the skin surface structure and reduces pores.
Premature aging protection
HerbaGlow® NRG complex replenishes the energy reserve of cells, increasing their vitality and resistance to damage. PhytoCodine® plant peptides improve skin elasticity and density, preventing the visible signs of aging. Reishi mushroom has an antioxidant effect, preventing premature skin aging. A complex of Vitamins A, C and E neutralizes free radicals and stimulates the skin's regeneration process.
Perfect for those who:
  • opt for a quick and effective skin cleanser and detoxifier;
  • want to avoid skin dehydration and protect it from the negative effects of the urban air and pollution;
  • want to have a fresh, velvety complexion after cleansing.
  • +47%
    more even skin tone
    According to the dermatological testing results.
    smoother and more even skin
    According to the dermatological testing results. According to the dermatological testing results.
    Recommended use:

    Dampen a cotton pad with a small amount of micellar water and gently wipe face.

    To remove makeup from the eye area, hold a cotton pad against the closed eye for 2-3 seconds and then gently wipe off residual makeup. Rinse off with warm water.

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