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Hydra+ Ampoule

Experalta Platinum - Hydra+ Ampoule

, 30 ml / 1.06 fl oz   Series: Experalta Platinum
Item number 416106
Cosmetic product / Fills the skin with moisture and eliminates signs of dehydration
600 ฿
15 pts.
Volume: 30 ml / 1.06 fl oz
Remain: 36 pcs.
Fill your skin with moisture and beauty! The formula is based on three types of hyaluronic acid.
The solution for dehydrated skin that feels dry and tight, skin prone to premature signs of aging, or when it has lost its healthy glow. Three types of hyaluronic acid intensely moisturize and protect the skin from moisture loss, and also smooth away any fine lines and wrinkles caused by dehydration.
Fast-acting and long-lasting effect.
3D moisturizing
Hyaluronic acid with a three-dimensional structure:
  • Provides long-lasting hydration;
  • Forms a three-dimensional breathable layer on the surface, which improves the skin's barrier function;
  • Reduces water evaporation;
  • Protects against contaminants in the air clogging your pores;
  • Reduces visible wrinkles instantly.
  • Delivery of ingredients into the deeper layers of the skin
    NIO-OLIGO HA (Naturales Life Technologies, Italy) is a complex of natural niospheres for overcoming the epidermal barrier and delivery of components into the deeper layers of the skin:
  • Based on an innovative system for reducing wrinkles by improving skin elasticity;
  • Preserves skin elasticity by restoring the natural content of hyaluronic acid in the extracellular matrix and protecting it from destruction by hyaluronidase;
  • Reduces stress levels in the skin, enhances protective functions and improves metabolism;
  • Has a soothing, anti-inflammatory effect.
  • The source of "smart" hyaluronic acid
    Low-molecular weight hyaluronic acid:
  • Accelerates skin regeneration;
  • Stimulates the synthesis of glycosaminoglycans and skin structural proteins;
  • Provides moisturizing of deep layers of the skin.
  • X50 Hyalufiller (Infinitec, Spain) contains peptides in smart capsules with targeted action:
  • Stimulate the skin's natural production of hyaluronic acid.
  • Anti-aging effect
    Reishi mushroom extract:
  • Maintains cell youth and cell health;
  • Strengthens skin immunity.
  • Colloidal platinum:
  • Increases collagen synthesis;
  • Maintains skin elasticity.
  • Each ampoule contains:
    3 types of hyaluronic acid
    Provide moisturizing of deep layers of the skin.

    Recommended use: In the morning and/or evening apply a few drops of ampoule onto the clean face and neck with light motions along the massage lines. Wait a little. Do not rinse off. When the product is absorbed, apply your favorite face cream.

    Use as a course:

    1st week: In the morning and evening – Skin Renewal Ampoule.

    2nd week: In the morning and evening – Hydra+ Ampoule.

    3rd week: In the morning and evening – Lift & Firm Ampoule.

    1-2 times a week: In the morning and evening (onto face, neck and décolleté) – Bakuchiol Ampoule.

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